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Koncepthuset is a result driven consulting agency who transforms your business concept to deliver optimal impact with your audience and maximise business results.


We help our clients entering new markets or find growth in your existing marketplace. Customer-led marketing to engage and inspire the target audience is at the heart of all that Koncepthuset delivers to clients. Our mission is to help our clients develop business and brands to truly connect with their audience in a fast changing digital world.

Susanne Lundberg Gulickx - Koncepthuset




Susanne is a driven entrepreneur with a strong background in data and process steered communication. Susanne started her career in Hospitality and holds over 25 year’s experience in small, midsize and large corporations like IMG, Scandinavia Leisure group and L’Oréal as well as her own start-ups. Her experience in private and public sector in New York, London, Paris, Sydney, Brussels and Stockholm has provided Susanne with extensive knowledge of how to make a marketable difference and create sustainable impact in different markets.


Susanne’s leadership skills are base for driving any organization to success, through delivering and implementing creative customer-led solutions. Her strengths are within creating growth as well as establishing a solid platform for any type of industry, always facilitating sales and marketing on the path. Susanne also founded Valuefication, the world's first influencer marketing tool to match and evaluate brands & influencers based on impact, trust, authenticity and real engagement, all in real-time.